Thomson & Scott Skinny Brut Organic Vegan Prosecco Wine Champagne, 75 cl



Skinny Prosecco

  • 100% Glera grapes
  • DOC Prosecco
  • Certified 100% Organic
  • Certified Vegan
  • 7g of sugar per litre

Compelled by her love of Champagne and raised on a vegetarian, sugar-free diet, Amanda Thomson has brought delicious, top quality Champagne and Prosecco to delighted drinkers across the globe with a strong focus on transparency, inviting consumers to ask, “what’s in my bottle?”

Thomson & Scott has also become the first sparkling wine brand to offer and actively promote transparency of bottle labelling, practising a completely vegan process and offering a delicious range of sparkling wines for those who want to cut sugar where it’s not needed.

I was raised on a sugar-free diet – my mother thought sugar was the devil. It turns out – she was right. I’ve created a portfolio of top quality Champagne and sparkling wine for you to enjoy knowing that we have made every effort to reduce sugar and follow a strict, pure production process.

-Amanda Thomson

We’re Thomson & Scott Skinny Prosecco because we’re completely transparent about what’s in our bottles. At 11% ABV, our alcohol content is the same as standard Prosecco. The difference is that Skinny Prosecco is completely organic and vegan.
Delightfully aromatic and fresh, with notes of honeysuckle and citrus, Skinny Prosecco is for the next generation of drinkers who are responsible about how much they drink and about what they drink; we don’t pack our high quality, luxury Skinny Prosecco with unnecessary additives, chemicals or sugar.


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