Swear Words Colouring Book: Hilarious (and Disturbing) Adult Colouring Books – Paperback



Swear Words Colouring Book: Hilarious (and Disturbing) Adult Colouring BooksPaperback


Swear Word Colouring Book By Outrageous Katie!

  • Do you work with a jerk for a boss?
  • Is your daily commute a pain?
  • Do you ever feel so stressed you want to tear your hair out?

Life can be stressful, and sometimes you need to blow off some steam in a string of f bombs. Now you can combine the stress relieving fun of a colouring book with your favourite swear words with “Outrageous Katies Swear Word Colouring books”. Colour our illustrations including funny and offensive swear words with each page full of many different designs. 

These designs include..

  • Animals
  • Mandalas
  • Trees & Flowers
  • and so much more!

Swear words you will find include…

  • As*hole
  • Limpd*ck
  • Jack*ss
  • Bullsh*t

And many others!

If you’re looking to blow off some steam then look no further than our Swear Word Colouring Book. You will feel relaxed and stress free trying to stay in the lines of our beautiful illustrations. Just remember, this colouring book is not for kids! they are our future for f*cks sake!

If you’re looking for a swear word colouring book that will have you giggling like a kid, that holds no punches, and is beautifully designed and drawn then this is the book for you! (sentence describing what makes this book different) (name of the book) is the hard work of the one and only Outrageous Katie! Her humor is perfect for swear word colouring books, and her artistic prowess is among the best the adult colouring books genre. Outrageous Katie takes great pride in every page of her books, and she has thousands of happy customers to back up her hard work. Katie’s books consistently rank among adult colouring books best sellers. It seems like everyone is releasing a swear word colouring book these days, but there are many things that set Outrageous Katie’s work apart from the competition. These are some of the many reasons that fans of colouring books for adults love this book!

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