SUPER FURNITURE SLIDERS Discs Easy Moving Heavy Furniture 8 PIECE Free Delivery


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GreatIdeas The SUPER FURNITURE SLIDERS (Genuine Original Orange Discs by Medipaq) – Moving Heavy Furniture Has Never Been Easier! 8 PIECE VALUE PACK.

Move your heavy, large or awkward furniture with ease!


– Can be used to easily manoeuvre your bed, sofa, bookshelf, closet, fridge, dining table, wardrobe, dressing table, display shelf, filing cabinet, desk, television, piano and all other large or awkward household/office items.

Works effectively on carpets, tiles and wooden floors. Rounded edges guide the slides smoothly over carpets or floor tiles. Smooth rounded base acts as a floor protector.

– NO ADHESIVE NEEDED – Thick foam secures and conforms to any type of furniture or object being placed on instantly!

– Uplift and slip one EASY SLIDER under each corner of your furniture or object and slide it effortlessly to the desired location by simply pulling or pushing.

No more hassle trying to cleaning behind large objects!

Dimensions: 8 Piece Value pack – 4x 9 cm and 4x 18 cm (diameters).


Customer Feedback:

Miss Janice E Young  – “Brilliant idea – The gliders do exactly as they say – they take so much effort out of moving heavy furniture/printer stands etc.”

Style Chick – “Wish I knew about them before now. Excellent product”

Tony H – “These furniture sliders are really unbelievable we have some very heavy furniture and it made moving them effortless – can’t recommend them enough”


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