Illuminated Electronic Stainless Steel Salt & Pepper Mill Set Adjustable Grinder


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Savisto Illuminated Electronic Salt & Pepper Mill Twin Pack

Tired of your old, wooden manual pepper mill? Want to add a bit of contemporary style to your modern kitchen? Want the ease and convenience of a fully automatic spice grinder? Look no further than this pair of designer salt & pepper mills from Savisto; proud suppliers of the very best kitchen appliances, accessories, equipment and utensils.

Electronic Grinders for Ease of Use

Each individual dispenser features a powered motorized grinding mechanism specially designed to crush and grind your salt crystals, peppercorns, herbs and spices into the exact consistency that you require in order to properly season or garnish your foods. Activated by simply holding down the button on top with your thumb, these professional mills can be used with one hand, allowing you to stir or mix your food while in motion.

Battery Powered and Illuminated

These unique battery operated Savisto salt and pepper mills feature an illuminated base which lights up when the grinder is in motion, adding an extra layer of safety and precision while working in the kitchen. Each of the dispensers is refillable and can be done by twisting the mill to reveal the inner battery and condiment sections.


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