Binatone Latitude 100 Twin Walkie Talkie – Black/Yellow



100 Latitude Walkie Talkie Twin BlackYellow 00A5203G Binatone

Latitude 100 in use

Works over a range of 3 kilometres.

Binatone Latitude 100 Twin Walkie Talkies

Simple and fun to use, the Latitude 100 twin walkie talkies from Binatone offer free communication over distances of up to 3 kilometres (1.8 miles), making them ideal for a wide range of uses such as camping, skiing, keeping in contact with your children in theme parks, and various outdoor activities.

Simple and convenient

The Latitude 100 two-way radio is compact and features a moulded grip on the handsets for ease of use. Both handsets come with a belt clip to enable easy storage when on the move.

Full of features

The Latitude 100 comes with eight channels for maximum communication, an adjustable volume control, a low battery warning to give you advance warning of your batteries running out, and a channel scan function which enables the user to search for other users on the same channel.

  • Scan function allows the user to scan frequencies for other users
  • Range up to 2 miles (3 km) depending on environment and terrain
  • Volume control allows you to change the volume at the touch of a button
  • Ergonomic design for firm grip and complete with belt clip
  • Low battery indicator advises you when to recharge or replace the batteries


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