Become a seller

How to become a seller

It is a FREE and very simple two-step process to become a seller and post your products on our website.

Step 1. All you need to do is REGISTER AS A FREE USER and then you will receive a password on the specified email address.

Step 2. LOGIN to your User Admin DASHBOARD area, click the “Become a seller” button and then in your Admin menu you will see a new option – “Products” – where you can add new products or duplicate existing ones.

Very soon after, someone from our team will assess your request and then your products will be activated and they will be promoted on our online shop together wilth all the rest.

Don’t worry, there are not many things that will prevent you from getting accepted. It’s mostly a routine checking procedure.

We are particularly looking for out of the box and interesting products, like paintings, sculptures, other artwork, crafts, gadgets, novelties, electronics, computerĀ and phone related products etc.

Probably you are wondering about the fees. Well, we have very good news, we are not charging anything for you to post your products. We are charging just 6% of the product price when it is sold.

So we are looking forward to having many new members that have something to show on our online shopping community.